Altracon Custom made innovation

• Altracon is well known since more than 30 years for innovative
  customized testing equipment and an unmatched service.

• Our dedicated expertise allows to discuss on a par with our customers to discuss and
  realize future testing solutions in the fields of friction- and rubber compound characteristics
  testing, tire testing according to international standards and service. Our testing solutions often
  set standards for new and future requirements.

• Time savings - cost reduction - quality improvement are benefits customers expect whenever they
  engage with a consultant. Our experience offers best value consultancy and a reliable realization for
  your improvement projects

• We combine technology innovation with management consulting to meet and exceed
  our customers expectations and overcome the typical barriers between these business areas.

• Talking to us is a time investment that pays off instantly.
  Just contact us and find out.

  Ralf Berres


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