Retrofit generally stands for modernisation or expansion of existing machines with the clear objective of improving the quality or the efficiency of the system. By exchanging obsolete or defective components and adding new modern technology existing plants are brought up to date.

The modernisation of the system delivers various advantages to the operator. Most important an increase in productivity at a significantly lower cost compared to a new relevant equipment.

With over 25 year of experience in the field of industrial machinery retrofit, Altracon has focused on the modernisation of testing systems in the automotive industry and especially the tyres business.

To compete with OEM solutions, who often argue that repair or modernisation is inefficient for the customer compared to new machinery, Altracon has specially developed individual retrofit concepts.

These concepts allow to toperform an upgrade of the entire system and the components on the premises of the customer. Because it is not required to dismantle and reassemble the machinery. With this not only the cost but especially the downtimes are minimized.

With the latest measurement and control technology and the optimisation of both process and system, Altracon ensures that quality, performance and compliance with the latest technical standards for product testing are guaranteed.

The conversion of the high quality mechanical engineering of older machines in combination with the latest measurement, control and drive technology results in an excellent performance.

After numerous projects retrofit systems show better and more continuous longterm results than comparable newer machines.

Another advantage of the Altracon concept is the open market spare parts supply for the upcoming years of operation. During the conversion process the company takes the specific local situation of technology and spare parts into account.

The hitherto costly OEM dependence regarding supply of service and spare parts delivery will be reduced to a minimum by the use of local availability and market standards.

A wide range of services with remote maintenance and the integration of the customerís own service personnel, delivers a comprehensive and customer oriented solution.

More than one hundred projects around the globe and highly satisfied customers are proof to Altraconís message: Second Life - Retrofit


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